All Must Be Well

This has been a bloody week. As a result of a nicked artery (the one-in-a-million complication during jaw surgery), David and I watched our son bleed. The bleeding was aggressive and mean. Can a boy really lose this much blood and be OK? The answer is no. He cannot. Luke withered and paled. His famous optimism bled out, and his hatred of blood grew fierce. And the prayers of God’s people were lifted up. I call on you, O God, and youRead more

“Worn out, stressed out, couldn’t care less…”

A. What is the current state of your body, according to you?  It’s doing it’s job, and for that I am thankful. It’s worn out and stressed out, but I’m just too busy to care for it better. It’s a disappointment, and I’m resentful. It’s ugly, and if I’m totally honest with you, I hate it. Father, hear my prayer. (Photo by Texas Wedding Photographer, Matthew T Rader) B.  What is the current state of your heart? It’s dry, dry, dry –Read more

“Pick up your feet!”

“Be careful!”  I yell over my shoulder. We’ve been running up and down quiet canyon trails for over fifty minutes, and for the first forty of those minutes we were graceful gazelles at sunrise. Now we are buffaloes, stampeding the canyon exit before the sun gets too high and we perish in this valley, never to be seen again, save our bleached bones. “This is the part of the run where someone always falls, because their legs are getting heavy…”  IRead more

How much breath in a day?

I lie quietly in the warm dark and realize that all of today’s breaths have been spoken for. There is not one random or arbitrary heartbeat.  Each word, deed and thought of today is now recorded for all eternity. Did I breathe out kindness and hope? The end of the day, right before sleep, is a good time for honest self-examination, confession and simple prayers. Did I look for fault in another and dwell on it?  Through the window atRead more