No strings attached

What do you love about yourself? If you ever want to immediately silence a room, or have every speck of lint picked off the carpet, pose that question – as I did – to a group of women sitting on the living room floor. What is it about yourself that you really, really like? A minute passes by awkwardly. They might not know what it is about themselves that they love, but I get the feeling they really don’t prefer me right now. HowRead more

What’s your first instinct?

When you hear or read the word righteous, what’s your first gut feeling? Holier-than-thou?  Hypocrite?  Fake? It’s amazing how this word has taken on a negative connotation for most of us, isn’t it? None of us wants our friends to think we are acting too righteous or anything. It is true that being self-righteous is horrible, marked by a constant craving to be seen and to be right.  It is my very worst self.  But, the truly righteous desire to always thinkRead more