Feel Free to Invite Yourselves In (Part 2)

So then, what are some practices that will help prepare our sons and daughters to be a breath of fresh air in their online spaces? One way to not be especially helpful is to frequently announce: “I just don’t see the point. Who has the time for social media?!” It’s difficult to encourage our kids to edify and influence social media if we assume this posture. Because to THEM there clearly is a point! Our sons and daughters see value in spending timeRead more

Feel Free to Invite Yourselves In

Every now and then, David or I will sit down with one of our kids and ask to scroll through their social media feed. They love these special times just as much as you can imagine they would. Even with the consistently less-than-enthusiastic welcome, while our children are still under our care we will continue to drop in and invite ourselves into their on-line spaces. We do this because we really enjoy eighth-grade humor and have tons of extra time. Kidding.Read more

Who’s The Interruption?

“Oh dear…ahhhh…um…very sorry…but….argh!…can you just hold on a minute?” In high-school, I remember taking some twisted pleasure in watching my father navigate the newfangled technology that was call-waiting. If dad was on the phone, and another call beeped in, he would get a rash from the unnecessary rudeness of it all. He considered the alert of an incoming call to be a personal affront. “I’m so sorry…” he would fluster into the phone, all huffy and bothered, “…but someone elseRead more