How much breath in a day?

I lie quietly in the warm dark and realize that all of today’s breaths have been spoken for. There is not one random or arbitrary heartbeat.  Each word, deed and thought of today is now recorded for all eternity. Did I breathe out kindness and hope? The end of the day, right before sleep, is a good time for honest self-examination, confession and simple prayers. Did I look for fault in another and dwell on it?  Through the window atRead more

A wrecked manicure…

“Oh dear.  She’s really let herself go.” None of us wants to be that person, our vitality and beauty so notably absent that we become the subject of shushed and sad post-reunion conversations. As you may know, I currently live in a house that has, for lack of a nicer description, fallen into disrepair.  Over the past several years, untamed roots and vines have devoured wood, brick and mortar.  Brambles have been busy choking the farm’s gracious beauty, hogging all the light and suffocatingRead more

“I’ve been watching you.”

At age twenty-six, I was hired, miraculously, as the head women’s volleyball coach at NC State University in Raleigh, NC.  During the interview, the Athletic Director asked repeatedly if I knew what I was getting into (I didn’t).  Would I really be able to handle  the many facets of a head coach position as I had exactly, uh, no experience in high-level Division I coaching? “What, Mr. Athletic Director?! Haven’t I mentioned that I’m a seasoned twenty-six-year-old?  I’ve lived longRead more

It just slipped out…

It just slipped out. “…Well…you know…I’m a Texas girl”.  I shrugged meekly, as if that explained everything. Wow.  That was a weird answer to “So, how do you like it here?” posed by a kind stranger standing at my elbow in the check-out line. I think it had to do with the wind today.  Blowing from the west, it whipped our red, blue and lone white star banner, and I sat in the welcome morning sun and watched it withRead more

Waiting Underground

Monday’s index cards read: “Clean Coop”, “Compost?” and “Plant bulbs”. Easy choice.  Out to the flower beds I go! Yep, these are some of the same beds that were crawling with poison ivy and mocking weeds just a few months ago when we arrived at the farm.  The weeds aren’t so haughty now, I must say. It’s a strange thing to wait half a year for something to arrive, isn’t it?   I consider this while stamping my boot down firmly overRead more