“What’s stealing your joy?”

At age twenty-six, I was hired, miraculously, as the head women’s volleyball coach at NC State University in Raleigh, NC.  During the interview, the Athletic Director asked repeatedly if I knew what I was getting into (I didn’t).  Would I really be able to handle  the many facets of a head coach position as I had exactly, uh, no experience in high-level Division I coaching? “What, Mr. Athletic Director?! Haven’t I mentioned that I’m a seasoned twenty-six-year-old?  I’ve lived longRead more

You can’t wish ’em away and you can’t buy ’em off…

There’s an old gospel spiritual that’s been playing a loop in my head over the last week. You don’t have to move that mountain;  just help me Lord to climb it. You don’t have to move that stumbling block;  just show me the way around it. Mountains and stumbling blocks.  You can’t wish them away and you can’t buy them off. The effort required to scale an emotional or physical mountain seems so immense at the base.  I physically wiltRead more

Waiting Underground

Monday’s index cards read: “Clean Coop”, “Compost?” and “Plant bulbs”. Easy choice.  Out to the flower beds I go! Yep, these are some of the same beds that were crawling with poison ivy and mocking weeds just a few months ago when we arrived at the farm.  The weeds aren’t so haughty now, I must say. It’s a strange thing to wait half a year for something to arrive, isn’t it?   I consider this while stamping my boot down firmly overRead more