Are You Stark Raving Mad?

The people of southern Maryland are not immediately delighted with me. This has been hard to handle, I admit.  Because everyone in Texas generally thinks everyone else is pretty awesome. There are always exceptions, but Texans are typically a warm and open people.  They smile at strangers and mean it.  They stop what they are doing to talk (and talk, and talk). Most folks in the lone star state are able to look up, hold eye-contact pleasantly, ask follow-up questions,Read more

It just slipped out…

It just slipped out. “…Well…you know…I’m a Texas girl”.  I shrugged meekly, as if that explained everything. Wow.  That was a weird answer to “So, how do you like it here?” posed by a kind stranger standing at my elbow in the check-out line. I think it had to do with the wind today.  Blowing from the west, it whipped our red, blue and lone white star banner, and I sat in the welcome morning sun and watched it withRead more