Seven million wonders.

“What do my children need to be able and willing to do before they leave the house?” I sent a couple of thoughts from that list last week (you can read it here), and now I’ll pass on a few more. #3.  Be able and willing to seek out good art.  All beauty, and truth, and excellence points us to God.  Every bit.  Even the artists who don’t – or won’t – acknowledge their Creator are vessels and instruments; testimony to a glory onRead more

How To Rule The World (if you love lists)

For those of you who know me a little, you will understand how much I despise lists.  This frustrates and befuddles friends and loved ones, because it’s plain I could genuinely benefit from some rudimentary skills in this area. Intellectually, I get it.  I appreciate and admire all you note-jotters and proficient list-keepers who carry me along with your well-designed day and informed plans.  You amaze me with all you can check off in a morning, and with such speed! Read more