In Our Best Moments

Consider the last 24 hours. What did you think, say, or write in your own strength? What did your words or tone convey about who you are when you are afraid? What was your demeanor if you were misunderstood, interrupted, or questioned? How confident were you in your own opinion; in the way that seems so obviously right to you? How can she not see the truth? Can he even be a Christian? How often did you examine your ownRead more

Answer the Voices

“What can I possibly write that hasn’t been expressed a thousand times over? This question haunts insecure writers. We lament that there is nothing new to say under the sun. Surely it’s all been said, in a lovelier way than we could ever say it, by far more eloquent voices than ourselves! What can we hope to contribute with our words, besides more and more noise? Adding to our collective lack of self-confidence, outside every writer’s door is a cocktail party of imaginedRead more

Putting on Patience

My husband is to good manners as sugar is to Southern sweet tea. Can you imagine ordering a tall glass of iced tea somewhere in North Carolina and it not including half a cup of sugar? The gall! The confusion! So it is for anyone that knows David for even a little while: David Hall’s careful consideration of you can be expected and anticipated, as sure as the sun. Good manners, or an awareness and respect of others, is a gracious suitRead more

“Give Them To Me.”

He wore an automatic assault rifle and an unpleasant attitude. Dressed in a green police uniform, the officer lounged against the wall and scanned the room. After several minutes he crossed the concrete floor and approached us in line. “Give them to me.” he said without a please. Clearly, he didn’t feel any need to identify himself or give any further explanation. I could only assume that he was referring to the stack of American passports in my hands, asRead more

Put On Your Small And Walk

I recently saw an old friend I hadn’t seen in years. She had always been a beautiful woman in all the best ways. Nothing had dimmed, but something had definitely changed. During the years we’d lived close, I’d known how hard she’d struggled under the weight of gaining (and not losing) fifty pounds during her two pregnancies. But in the time we’d recently been apart, the physical and emotional weight she’d carried with her all those years had vanished. She was light-heartedRead more

Right In The Eyes

If you were God’s enemy, where would you focus your best efforts? And everyone did what was right in his own eyes. Knowing that your days are numbered, where would you concentrate your final energies? In the beginning of the world’s story, Eve and Adam began to imagine (with the enemy’s help) what it would be like to do what was right in their own eyes, and they were the first to do it. They immediately discovered that what they thought would beRead more

No Longer At The Table

For a long time after he left we ate quietly in the kitchen. How can anyone fully ready themselves for when a loved one is no longer at the table? By a long time, I mean almost a whole semester.  For a few disorienting months I didn’t set the dining table around which we’d gathered thousands of times before – meal after meal, laugh after laugh, prayer after prayer – as a family of six. I missed him trying to win me over withRead more

We Just Don’t Know

Our kids have walked the halls of our neighborhood’s elementary, middle, and high-schools for the past thirteen years. Today, with the oldest out of the nest and into his first year of university, you’d think we’d have all the schooling philosophy fairly worked out. And you’d be a reasonable person to expect that – because at some point after four kids and twenty-three years of marriage, it must all come together, right? There has to be some wisdom/peace pay-off for the angst! Surely, aRead more

Sixteen or Sixty: Thoughts on Love

“What’s the purpose of marriage?” I asked a murmuration of teenage starlings. “Why would anyone want to get married these days?” Predicting where a conversation might go with a flock of high-school women usually looks and feels like this to me: “What’s the main goal of marriage, in your opinion?” I repeated as they settled into their formations. “You might marry one day, or you might not, but despite what happens to you personally, is there any substantial benefit to the world because marriageRead more

Until Your Pride Melts

Five seconds into the fifty-minute flight from Austin to Dallas, I was in a lively conversation with the woman sitting next to me. Warm and good-natured, she laughed easily, and was looking forward to connecting with long-time friends for a weekend in the French Quarter. I couldn’t have liked her one bit more. After a string of spirited stories she paused and looked at me hard. “What do you do, Kim?” I’m never sure until the actual moment how I will answer thisRead more