Nothing Withheld

I lost a friend this week – a friend who loved me. How did I know she loved me? Let me count the ways: 1. Her eyes always brightened when I walked into the room. She practically jumped up and down to see me. 2. She smiled at me with her whole face – nothing was withheld. 3. She asked me new questions; thoughtful follow up questions from the underlayers and edges of our last conversation. How on earth didRead more

What’s You’re Angle? (Part 1)

Ours is a suspicious, angry, and anxious age. Who can I trust? Who has my back? Who is interested in my well-being? Who is genuinely for me in this world, if anyone at all? Collectively it seems we are a wary and deeply wounded people, always on high alert. Fight or flight. Our blood pressure is setting new medical records. The needle rarely quivers below red. In the last so many years we’ve learned to thoroughly question the motives ofRead more