Kiss the Wave

“Literally, none of your emails are finding me well.” I saw this on Twitter recently and had to laugh because it’s so true. All is not well with us, or in us, and all is not well in the whole world. How long until all is well? Can we keep our heads above water for another day? Another month? What will become of us if another wave comes? Will we go under? Will our lives be shipwrecked; our futures dashed beforeRead more

A Late Night Ambush

I dragged myself to bed hoping for the brief relief of sleep. What followed was not rest, but the kind of night I imagine Jacob endured while wrestling with God until dawn. Maybe you’ve been there? Genesis 32 tells recounts the story of a vulnerable and worried Jacob preparing for a long night alone under the stars. He was really scared this time. What would the next day bring? Would the people in his care suffer? Was God with him? WhatRead more

Shaped By Practice

“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.” I wonder when Abraham Lincoln wrote these words in his journal? Was it during the soul-searching season of Lent? Because a response like his doesn’t spring naturally from the human heart. Such wisdom is usually been shaped by an intentional practice of honesty and humility. Compare Lincoln’s words to those in my internal conversation when I don’t especially like someone: “I don’t like that person. And here is everyRead more

Super Bowl 2020: #empowered

Several minutes into the Super Bowl halftime show, Jennifer Lopez was wrapped around a pole. Soon, her daughter, Emme, age eleven, would join her mom on the stage to share the spotlight. You know those little roly-poly caterpillars that curl up in a tiny ball when you poke them? That was me on my sofa hoping to shut out the world I was seeing. I am, as most of you know by now, a big fan of women. And toRead more

Sharpening the Axe

What if one day you see Donald Trump in heaven? Will you be stunned? Upset? Will you wonder how you and he both arrived in the same place? Will you want to have an immediate word with The Management? To those who deeply dislike Donald Trump: When was the last time you asked God to show him mercy? Honest question: Do you even want God to show him mercy? Have you ever tried to pray for an enemy in theRead more