When The Kindness Of God Appears

This third son of mine did not ever like to be saved or helped, especially from territorial dogs, incensed older brothers, or deadly drowning. This naturally made him a special joy to parent in the summertime, or outside, or really at all. He took it as a personal failure – an affront – when he wasn’t allowed to die trying to save himself.Read more

You Need Only Bow Down

The fickle world is always hunting for a Messiah that doesn’t require obscurity, suffering, and all-in obedience. I’m a part of that world, too, simultaneously craving attention and desperately avoiding suffering and discomfort. I am tempted every day to bow down so that all of it can be mine, mine, mine.Read more

Divine Uber

The Spirit wasn’t (and isn’t) like a divine Uber driver, sent by God to pick Jesus up at the Jordan river and drop him off at his next appointment with the prince of darkness. The Spirit didn’t drive Jesus into the wilderness and deposit him by the side of the road without compass, luggage, snacks, or a map. Let’s see how he’ll do in this challenge, angels!Read more

Front Row Seat

Growing up, it was never clear to me who the ‘bad guys’ were or what team we were supposed to be on. I didn’t know what people or tribe I was supposed to fear, and I credit my parents for nurturing the seedlings of charity – the deep love of humanity – that God plants in all children.Read more