Or Would You Rather

What if you see Donald Trump in heaven?

Will you be shocked? Upset? Will you want to have a word with the management? “Jesus. How did he get in here? Do you just let anyone in these days? You clearly don’t know him like we do…”Read more

Staying True To Who?

“Being true to yourself is crap.” This is what I’d like to say to those who tell me, with authority, that we are our very best when we follow the little voice that whispers: “Trust yourself. Trust your truth. Stay in your own peace and be fiercely true to who you are. Don’t betray that inner voice, whatever you do, because it’s leading you home.” I’d like to find a nice way to say that this line of thinking isRead more

When The Wheels Come Off

Our son left our house well after midnight for a post-dance soiree with five other friends and their dates. The party (and co-ed sleepover) had been sanctioned by parents who could absolutely be counted on not to treat mature high-schoolers like five-year-olds.
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The Skin In The Game

Much of my childhood was spent picking gravel out of the scabs that were my elbows and knees. This was primarily due to the fact that I approached every physical challenge with an infinite amount of zeal and exactly zero amount of exit strategies.Read more