A Punch In The Peanuts

“I’d bite his arm!” he shouted excitedly from the backseat. “And then I’d punch him hard right in the peanuts!” When the boys were small, David and I would occasionally ask them to imagine how they would escape from a ‘very bad person’ who might try to take them away from their mom, dad, or safety. This creative exercise delighted them to no end. *Please note, dear readers, that I am not suggesting that this is what you should doRead more

Hold Steady As You Go

Dear parents of graduates: Keep your courage, your humor, your smile, and your stride. Hold steady as you go! Breathe in and out the sights, sounds, and mundane mysteries of your exact life today, for tomorrow is in the very dependable hands of God.
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When The Kindness Of God Appears

This third son of mine did not ever like to be saved or helped, especially from territorial dogs, incensed older brothers, or deadly drowning. This naturally made him a special joy to parent in the summertime, or outside, or really at all. He took it as a personal failure – an affront – when he wasn’t allowed to die trying to save himself.Read more

You Need Only Bow Down

The fickle world is always hunting for a Messiah that doesn’t require obscurity, suffering, and all-in obedience. I’m a part of that world, too, simultaneously craving attention and desperately avoiding suffering and discomfort. I am tempted every day to bow down so that all of it can be mine, mine, mine.Read more