Running Out Of Gladness

She pulled him into the back kitchen, away from the music and happy banter, and confirmed to her grown-up son, “They’ve run out of wine.”

The wedding guests were still unaware but the hosts knew they had run dry. Their cellar was empty and the wineskins were barren. In a few moments, the warm glow of the wedding feast would disintegrate into bitter ashes.

And we can identify. Because we also understand how it feels to run dry; to taste shame and regret; to find ourseves barren of whatever makes another’s heart glad.

At some point we discover that our best preperation and well-laid plans for joy in this life have somehow been drained down to the very dregs.

We’ve run out of gladness. We’ve run out of goodwill. We’ve run out of affection and compassion for certain people in our family. We’ve run out of blessing and benediction for our neighbor. Our cisterns are woefully dry.

She looked at him squarely in the eyes and motioned over some of the servants to where they stood. “Do whatever he tells you” she said.  And then she went back to the party and left it in his hands. And this is our cue.

We are to do whatever Yeshua tells us to do and get back to our guests. For in his hands the barren becomes a surprising and sweet benediction. In his hands the most desolate place becomes a garden that bursts with unexpected beauty. In the Son of Man’s hands, unceremonious water becomes fine wine.

And Jesus tells the summoned servants to fill up the cisterns that held the unclean water for the washing of filthy feet. Fill them up to the brim!

And as disciples of Jesus, we too bring our water, water unsuitable even for drinking, directly to him. And then we go back out to the gathered guests. Becuase it’s in his hands now. The Host of Heaven has arrived as the blessing and wine of heaven.

And so peace to you this Thanksgiving. For the Son of God who can make foot-washing water into wedding wine is doing an even greater good work in you and yours.

May you taste like sweet wine this week wherever you are. And may you be an unexpected blessing and glad benediction to all in your midst and at your table.


PS. In John 2 you can read the whole story.

2 responses to Running Out Of Gladness

  1. Denise says:

    I am so blessed whenever I read your heart because I know I am listening to His. Happy Thanksgiving and give your Mom and Dad a hug for me!

  2. Delia Hunt says:


    Delia Sent from my iPhone


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