Sighting a Bad Shepherd

There are some very real warning signs that someone might be a Bad Shepherd. These are just a few:

1. Lack of empathy
2. Arrogance and condescension
3. Disregard for right and wrong
4. Manipulative use of wit and charm
5. Hurting people and animals without remorse

Those in authority who use their power, position, and charisma to manipulate those who have already been abused, shamed, or abandoned are Bad Shepherds.

Officials who direct vulnerable and weary women towards abortion chambers are Bad Shepherds.

Governors who legislate that a woman’s womb is no longer sacred are Bad Shepherds.

Leaders who feed on the confusion and dismay of any person who is temporarily unmoored by their difficult circumstances are Bad Shepherds.

The Bad Shepherds think too much and always of themselves. It’s all about them. It’s rarely about the good of society (in general) or women (in particular). No, if you look closely, it’s always about them.

Bad Shepherds use those they’ve sworn to respect and protect. They would never dream of laying down their life for yours, especially if you are a modern, liberal woman. “You got this one girl!” (cheers erupt)

Bad shepherds are impatient. They rush the hesitant and force a choice. They pressure, flatter and coerce whomever they need in order to gain their preferred outcome.

Bad shepherds hate dealing with mystery, questioning, maturity, and possibility. They fear and smear those they can’t control. The only way to win (and keep) the favor of a Bad Shepherd is to go the way that seems best to them. “Why are you still concerned about that? Don’t you trust me? Who are you without me? I’ll take care of everything.”

The people of God are called to be good shepherds, above all, because we follow one. And in his manner, we are asked to care patiently, generously, truthfully, gently, and with the highest regard for all those our Good Shepherd keeps and loves.

There are definite signs that someone is a good shepherd. Here are just a few traits that mark them as such:

1. Humility
2. Patience
3. Kindness
4. Goodness
5. Faithfulness
6. Gentleness
7. Self-control

And sacrificial love. Against such things, there is no law.

Shalom today as you shepherd those in your care.


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3 responses to Sighting a Bad Shepherd

  1. C. Wayne says:

    I’ve read this the last couple of days and each time the Lord shows me more. As much as this Woman’s movement seems to think they are strong, they are not. I feel a sense of deep sadness because of this inferiority that they cannot see. I pray that girls can be taught properly the value of their bodies and embrace respect for their bodies. The time has to be now. Thanks Kim always for your humble boldness to speak up with loving truth.

  2. Kim says:

    Christie – as always thank you for taking the time to read, think and respond. I appreciate that about you. Yes, feminism (like any ideology) that shakes it’s fist at the wisdom of God can only harm those it hopes to free. Shalom to you this weekend! – Kim

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